Working Hard....


Well we got past FCBD with thanks to Ken Brown of Drawn to Comics and the team at the Velma Library in Glendale AZ.Thank you for coming out and supporting all the local talent and TRIBE COMICS .We are also pushing out new books with the Marked ,Rev preview,Armadillo Bros. and our very own Arizona ‘s Copper star.These books will be at Phoenix Fan Fusion as well.Along with Scott Shehi ,Christy Spettnagel , and Garett Shurley manning the table this year. A332 will be our table number so I hope to see you there.

For those liking to download your comics ,our sister site is up called TRIBE DIRECT.It offers all 44 of our books to purchase for only .99.So go to https://www.tribeone,club for details on how to pick up all of our great titles.