Arizona's Copperstar #1

Arizona's Copperstar #1


Created By:Scott Shehi
Written By: Douglas Pendleton
Colors/Letters by: Joe Flores

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

Miles is working at his daily job reminiscing on his past life,when little does he know he’s about to relive the worst parts of it.

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Miles Martin was a guy that had to be perfect at everything. Always wanting to improve and see the right thing happen. When he reached 18 he joined up in the military to try and make this happen. Course trying was not in his vocabulary. Always pushing himself to be that better person, one night he was pushed to far. He was arrested and tried for aggravated assault and sentenced. After timed served Miles had a hard time looking for work and adapting to civilian life. He thought his luck was getting better after he was hired at the local university as their maintenance. Until that night when his past were to repeat itself.