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Hot Dog Man

Hatch Tarr was born with film running in his blood. He is the cousin of famous director Terry Gilliam. After the making of his first film (Lost Cause) which he wrote, directed and starred in did he find out that is what he wanted to do with his life. Since then Hatch has acted for over 8 years, ran a horror move magazine (www.lop-productions.com) Lop Magazine, and now working as a host on a new Hot TV show Truth or Dare. It's being looked at by MTV and HBO for a networking spot.He now lives in Florida where he is working on the show. Also sings with two bands right now, "The Parasites" and the "Black Light Project". He is also working on a book called "Interview Conffessions".

Additional Information:

Three actors who inspired Hatch's passion for acting are: John Belushi, Bruce Campbell and Bob Hoskins